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About our rakes


"It's a piece of cake with a Chelwood Rake"

We specialise in rakes, and within our extensive range, you’ll discover that a rake is far more than just a tool. Our rakes cater to both general and specialist purposes, meticulously designed with a focus on ease of use and unwavering reliability.

Distinguishing ourselves from many rakes on the market, the majority of our products feature angled or curved teeth, offering numerous advantages. This design facilitates self-cleaning, effortlessly removing wet leaves, grass, debris, and more with a short backward push at approximately a 70-degree angle.

At a 45-degree angle, our angled or curved tooth rakes excel at creating seed beds, even in rough clay soil, by swiftly breaking down soil lumps with a simple back-and-forth motion. Unlike straight-edged alternatives that tend to merely push lumps backward, our rakes efficiently draw soil upwards during the forward motion, enhancing effectiveness.

Crafted with quality in mind, our rakes boast FSC® certified Ash handles, renowned for their reliability and durability. The inherent flexibility of Ash wood not only safeguards the rake head and teeth but also acts as a suspension, protecting the operator’s joints. Additionally, the untreated handles absorb sweat, reducing the likelihood of sores and blisters, while any minor damage incurred from regular use can be easily sanded out. As all our rakes are made to order, we can accommodate requests for different handle lengths, subject to availability.

Our water rakes, constructed from high tensile steel, are exceptionally robust and built to withstand heavy loads, ideal for daily use in waterway maintenance. Available in various sizes to suit diverse waterways, they eliminate the need for a boat, ensuring efficient extraction of debris.

In addition to our renowned rakes, we offer a specially designed aluminum snow shovel, equestrian forks, and our latest innovation, the Chelute®.tools.

Discover the exceptional quality and versatility of Chelwood Rakes today – explore our range now to enhance your outdoor projects with confidence