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Chelwood Tool Company, formerly situated near Bristol and now located in Devon, stands as a family-operated enterprise acclaimed for over five decades for crafting top-notch commercial and professional rakes.

For more than 50 years, our bespoke tools, meticulously crafted by hand, have reached customers across the UK and numerous global destinations since 1970. We persistently refine our production techniques and finishing processes, employing only premium-grade handles to guarantee the utmost quality of our offerings. Inquire with your nearby tools vendor about the availability of Chelwood Rakes or reach out to us for assistance in locating your nearest stockist.

*BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! To protect its customer from purchasing fake products that don’t meet Chelwood Rakes quality standards, we advise you to be aware of non-authorised dealers and to purchase only products bearing the Chelwood Rakes logo. If you think you have been a victim of this Trademark infringement, please contact us to help us police the issue. Contact Chelwood for a list of stockists.

Award Winning, Meet “The Landscraper”

In 1973, Chelwood achieved the prestigious Institute of Groundsmanship’s International Gold Award for the Best Introduction of the Year. This accolade hadn’t been awarded to a hand tool in 18 years prior. Renowned as “The Landscraper,” the 18E represents an ideal rake for robust tasks and leveling. Sharing the same design as our highly trusted 18S, it also boasts an extra back edge blade for enhanced grading and leveling capabilities.

More than just rakes

Our meticulously crafted lightweight Aluminium Snow shovel, featuring a stainless steel leading edge, unquestionably stands as the premier choice among snow shovels. Prepare yourself for snowfall by acquiring your very own Chelwood Snow Shovel today.

Moreover, this versatile tool finds common use among groundsmen for tasks such as collecting cores and relocating top dressing, as well as handling various light materials.

Introducing our new Chelute®

Our new reversible and infinitely extendable galvanised steel levelling Trulute. It measures 700x250mm and is available on it’s own or in a kit that includes a pair of 200mm extensions.

All of which come with a 1800x28mm FSC certified Ash handle. Extension kit is also available separately.

Please give us a call or email for more information.

Our Autumn and Winter Rakes

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Our Most Viewed Rakes

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General Purpose and Landscaping Rakes

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More than just rakes

Concrete Rake
It’s flat steel plate design with large back edge also makes this rake great for preparing sub bases.

Lake Rakes
As well as weed management these are great for retrieving golf balls from water traps!

New Rake!
Be autumn ready!
High quality polypropylene lightweight multi-purpose tool for leaf collecting and lawn grooming.

Experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of Chelwood Tools Co Ltd, transform your outdoor projects with precision and ease